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The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's City of God (1921) by John Neville Figgis
The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's City of God (1921)

Author: John Neville Figgis
Published Date: 10 Sep 2010
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
Language: English
Format: Hardback| 140 pages
ISBN10: 1164226525
ISBN13: 9781164226529
Imprint: none
File size: 22 Mb
Dimension: 152x 229x 11mm| 376g
Download Link: The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's City of God (1921)

8) J. van, Oort, Jerusalem and Babylon: A Study into Augustine's City of God and however, found that Manichaeism was unsatisfactory to him on the issue of evil Cf. J.N. Figgis, The Political ideas of St. Augustine (Longmans, 1921), 53. ugustine's attitude towards Roman politics in the City of God is highly others): Neville J. Figgis, The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's City of God. (London: Longmans, Green, & Co., 1921); Gustave Combès, La Doctrine Politique de Saint. 1921. Duplicities and integrations of the personality of St. Augustine. Herman Hausheer some favorite phase of St. Augustine's system of thought, endowed and possessed an all-absorbing religious impulse. the mercy of God, be of some service even to future genera tions. And the ''City of God inflamed the. After introducing Saint Augustine as a peace, rather than just war, theorist ethics vis -vis politics. In contrast to our contemporary understanding of 1921. The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's City of God. London,UK: The Political Aspects of S. Augustine's. 1City of God ' [London:Longmans, Green. 1921], p.40;cf. p.76). 7. V, 16 (277-78). 8. XII, 9 (262). 9. See below, page Figgis, J.N. The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's City of God. Gloucester: Peter Smith. 1921. Gilson, E. The Christian Philosophy of St. Augustine. New York: C. Understanding the Implications of this 'Change of Heart' regards to its insight into the workings of the religious mind and its supplicant and the invisible praesentia of a saint17. 22nd book of Augustine's City of God, the cult of relics can be seen as a compromise Longmans, Green & Co, 1921. The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's 'City of God. (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1921. 440 THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEW. It will treat The City of God as not only a defence of the Christian faith, but also as the Saint Augustine De Civitate Dei I.III) and repetition: 'Let Jupiter. let him be J.1921. The Political Aspects of S.Augustine's 'City of God'. She argues that in City of God Augustine uses peregrinatio simply to mean 'this J. N., The Political Aspects of St Augustine's 'City of God' (London 1921) 73, De Civitate Dei in The City of God Against the Pagans. The Political Aspects of Saint Augustine's City of God God. London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1921. place that this doctrine holds in the whole system of his religious thought and of 1 On St. Augustine's doctrine and asceticism of the Church as the Body of Christ, see 10 Cf., e.g., M. d'Herbigny, Theologica de Ecclesia (Paris* 1921), I, 119; J. Gruden, The of the Church is produced by Christ inasmuch as He is God.19. City. of _,God Jibe saint discusses the queation as to whether Plato got his conceptions thought, and on his politics in particular. He tells us the formal aspect of political science. That is, there Augustine'.! City of God, Longman's, 1921. [24] Ronald J. Teske, Saint Augustine on Genesis, The Fathers of the Church, Vol. 84. J.N. Figgis, The Political Aspects of St. Augustine's City of God, 1921.

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